Business Approach of the Medical Transcription Service
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Business Approach of the Medical Transcription Service

Medical transcription is the process of converting audio medical record or reports into written reports. These reports can be stored electronically or in paper form.

Medical transcription is the process of converting audio medical record or reports into written reports. These reports can be stored electronically or in paper form. This makes it easy to retrieve information from folders in case they are needed when reviewing a patient’s progress or if a patient comes in a medical care centre with a new medical problem that might have resulted from previous diagnosis. Medical transcription service is the actual coding of a physician’s or a medical practioneer’s medical terms into text. Most doctors do not have the time to sit down and write medical reports for their patients; therefore they seek assistance from people who offer transcription service.

Offering medical transcription service is considerably a career that is picking up, especially in the western countries where keeping medical records is mandatory. This has offered many people a chance to take it up as career which is gradually becoming well paying for many people who otherwise would have gone jobless. The beauty with this service is that it does not require you to be highly trained. All you need is to be in a position to understand the technical words that doctors use to refer to different things in the medical profession and a have a good leverage in the English language.

As a person offering medical transcription service, you do not need to worry about waking up early to beat the traffic jams and all the hustle associated with rush hours. You can work from the comfort of your home, which allows you to even work more than one job. Hospitals send the recorded reports to you and you take your time to change them to text by typing the reports into your computer or writing them down on paper depending on your client’s instructions. As a medical transcriptionist you need to pay attention to details which enables you to detect mistakes and put the right information. This helps to avoid having patients being treated for the wrong diseases or conditions. If you are a certified medical transcriptionists, you do not have to seek employment in an office where most of the time you will be assigned other duties.

Set up your own office and be your own boss! Offer medical transcription service to as many medical institutions as you can manage. How do you manage this? Source out for contracts from medical institutions ensuring that you sell the credibility of your company the best way possible you know how your ultimate aim being to land several contracts that are good for your business to develop. As you await your contracts to be approved, you need to hire a team of dedicated trained medical transcriptionists and put them to test prior to giving them real jobs. The success to any business is dedicated team of players that understand their job, appreciate it and have a sense of urgency. Medical transcription service business is no exception to this ethics. After your contracts are approved, assign each of your assistants’ equal amounts of work and ensure you work along with them too as that’s how a successful business works. The boss leads the way by good example.

As a medical transcriptionist offering medical transcription service to a wide range of clients, you need to be efficient and this can only be facilitated by having the right equipment besides a dedicated team. The first required equipment is a recorded tape from your client. The other vastly used option for tapes is digital means like a doctor can speak to a video camera or a personal computer which later can be later be forwarded to you via email. Then you need to have foot pedal and headphones which will be attached to your computer.

You also need the basic office material medical dictionaries where you can refer to hard terms, medical spellchecker software which helps you note down the right medical terms as stated and required by your client. Enough printers and cartridges through which you can print your work, a comfortable chair is a must as you will be doing a lot of sitting which need not to be strenuous.

A website is necessary where potential clients can find out information on how you go about your medical transcription service offers. A business license is a must too, otherwise your business will be illegal and you are subject to jail. You need business cards designed for you and your team just in case you bump into potential clients from your locality. Business cards are also used as points of reference as people pass on information to each other through word of mouth which is a very effective form of advertising and it is good for your company growth in terms of client profile. These are among many other equipment and materials that you need for your business whereby as it grows you will need to upgrade.

As every other business, medical transcription service business also needs advertising is at all you have to get at par with your competitors if not beat them. As I briefly mentioned earlier, one of the cheapest and effective mode of advertising is word of mouth. Letting people in your locality know that you have opened business and the quality of service you offer will have them spreading that good productive rumor and before you know, many clients are knocking on your door to seek your services

Radio advertising is another vastly effective means of advertising as radio is readily affordable across the globe. To make it even more effective you can solicit for an interview slot, where the radio host in your locality or where you prefer will interview on your service. This places you at a good position to capture as many medical institutions as possible.

Brochures are another effective way of reaching your clients. Just ensure you lay out your profile and information about your medical transcription service business in a neat and attractive way. You can have them placed at convenient stores where most people visit, in major malls where the medical elite are bound to hold meetings and social gatherings. This gives you a good chance to reach out without much strain. Potential clients can read the brochures at their preferred time and convenience and reach you through the address you will have indicated on the brochure. These are just examples to expose your business, while ensuring that your medical transcription service is reliable as you will be preaching through advertising

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