Home Health Care Nurse: Duties of Visiting Nurses
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Home Health Care Nurse: Duties of Visiting Nurses

Those of you who would like to learn what the home health care nurses duties for patients at their home are; you have come to a great article of facts. Through the words of an experienced home care nurse you will learn about the visiting nurse's duties to perhaps choose this as a profession, know what to expect from that person or read what a patient gains from this skilled nursing job. Nursing care by nurse to maintain home living over nursing home care is discussed.

Nursing is a profession many people rely on in the home known as a visiting nurse or home health care nurse. With the growing older population many people are choosing care for a loved one, perhaps nursing care at home.  Before a decision to have a mother or dad reside in a nursing home, other skilled nursing facility or assisted living this could be an option.

Home care can be considered and most often ordered by the attending physician to bridge between the hospital and return to complete independence. Some insurances and health care plans pay for patients to have assistance for a duration to aid in improved health and be in the home setting. Medicaid, Medicare and other plans encourage home nursing over hospital or other skilled nursing facility for cost efficiency and better patient response in their own environment.

Duties performed to patients by RN:

1.  Monitoring of vital signs during home care is done by nurses sometimes daily.  Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and oximeter statistics are given to the doctor to inform of patients status of recovery or any health changes.

2.  Observe skin color, texture and general condition to find infection early in patients. Family members are instructed about symptoms in between home health visits and encouraged to report changes of loved ones to health care provider.

3.  Medications are set up for patients when they come from the skilled nursing facility or hospital according to doctors orders for home administration.

4.  Interaction, contraindication, time and dosage of pills and ointments along with proper use of all medications are explained by nurses during home care visit.

5.  Dressing changes and other home health care treatments are  part of nursing care performed by visiting nurses. Prescribed salves, equipment, instruments and sterile pads are either kept at patients home or brought with home health nurse at time of visit.

6.  Detect early symptoms of depression and make home care nursing recommendations to family for encouragement to patients. 

7.  Weak patients, just home from the hospital, can benefit from a venipuncture at home. Doctors will specifically order tests that nurses carry out during a nursing care blood draw visit. Blood samples are delivered to a hospital lab for evaluation and then results sent to patient's doctor.

8.  Detect unsafe living conditions at home an RN will make suggestions for safety and convenience to patients.

9.  Home health care nurses instruct patients about equipment use and maintenance when ordered by physician.

10.An RN links the home health care patient needs to the doctor for changes to take place for nursing care for improved health.

11.Obtaining specimens from patients and transporting to hospital labs is often part of a home visit.

12.Knowledge of computer entry using laptops is required of home health care staff RN for state, Federal law, doctor and office record keeping.

13.Time management skills are part of nurses duties facilitating speedy and accurate delivery of home health care needs to patients.

14.Professional and social interaction is delivered by visiting nurses. Both are a part of the patients total environment and can promote good health.

Home health care nurses are a valuable asset to patients being able to avoid returning to hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Photo: Highway #93 Looking at Whitefish, Montana where author practiced home health nursing. Courtesy: Roberta Baxter

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Comments (22)

Excellent work about this job description, will be sending to my son who was a nurse graduate, thanks.

Nice informative article. Well done on this. Thanks for the excellent explanation.

Hi there, ma'am! I don't get tired voting for your articles. I learn new things from subjects I do not know because of you. Thanks!

very informative article and an excellent checklist for visiting nurses!

You've enlightened the masses with this fine article about visiting nurses.

nursing is an admirable profession

My Father had a fantastic home care nurse toward the end of his life. She taught my mother some great nursing skills so that she could take care of him. Great article.

these nurses are very valuable.. my father has leukemia and is at home, he has a home care nurse come in, it also helps give mom a break too.

The Visiting Nurses Association used to come to our hotel for an Annual Banquet. They were an elite group. I met one in 1997 who came to oversee the care the CNA's were giving my sister. The nurse was an RN. Very well done article on the subject and thanks.

Thanks for the info on health care.

A wonderful informative article Roberta. Home care nursing sounds like a very rewarding job.

They really are an asset and something lacking in the UK. You can get private home nurse care but not on the NHS, so only the very wealthy can afford care of any length. A gerat article on the job and duties of home care nurses, Roberta, wonderful article :D

Very well done! I know individuals who are private duty nurses and they are so committed to their work and and patients. I admire and respect anyone who performs these services faithfully. Thanks for posting Voted up!

Nursing is a challenging job and nurses' duties are tough too.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

The services of these nurses are very valuable and needed for the bed-ridden patients.


Thank You for such valuable information.

Most of my life I worked in the medical field as a nurse assistant, home care aide or MRDD caregiver. There are a lot of difficult decisions to be made regarding health care, you did an excellent job defining the duties of these visting nurses. Voted and buzzed up!

Very insightful and with plenty of details. A conscientious and caring home health nurse can bring so much joy and hope into their ward's life. Excellent work done here...as usual, my friend. Voting it up!

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Great information, writing about nursing is certainly a topic you are well versed in.