Lydia's v Scrubs123
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Lydia's v Scrubs123

In this report

There are many professions today that require us to wear scrubs to work. These include, anything in the medical, or dental profession. When we need to purchase scrubs there are many places to do so. Today with the ease of the Internet we have many options available to us to purchase scrubs online. When we have this many choices it makes it easier for us to shop around for the best possible deal, as well as find the best possible stores to make our purchases in. The Internet has made it easy for us to compare stores, and the prices of products at these stores while sitting in the comfort of our home, office, or anywhere we have an Internet connection. In this report we will compare the stores Scrubs123 and Lydia’s to assist the reader in making the best decision for him or her on where to purchase that next pair of scrubs.

#1 - Lydia's Uniforms

Pros: the best thing Lydia’s uniform company is that you can purchase the clothing in five extra-large.  Being able to purchase clothing in that size is almost imperative for many people and not many companies offer as five extra-large especially a uniform company that cater to people of this size.  The company also offers maternity clothes.

Cons: this company does not offer any clothing for short people.  If the company offered that each sizes it would be the perfect company.

Prices: this company offers clearance items, as well as a discount on every item.  This company is one of the companies that sell at near wholesale prices.  This company lists a price of what other companies start and then a price for what this company charges.  Many of the top began at $13.99 and the pants begin at $9.99.

#2 - Scrubs123

Pros: the best thing about Scrubs123 it that at Scrubs123 a person can get medical equipment as well as scrubs. This includes lab coats, lotions, and shoes. When one is looking for scrubs on can find them here; and one can find scrubs that are just the right size. This scrub store has everything from petite, to maternity, and everything in between.

Cons: this scrubs store might have a large selection; but the selection is not quite large within the selection. There are only a few colors available per size.

Price: a shirt can be purchased for less than $10. Pants can be purchased for around the same. The prices can go higher. However, this is the lowest you can go with the prices for this company.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is to find the perfect scrubs you will need to do a comparison. When you read a comparison such as the one in this report you will have a general idea of what to look for between the two companies. This report analyzed the comparison of Scrubs123 and Lydia’s. When you compare and contrast the two companies that sell scrubs you will see that Scrubs123 offers a few selections that Lydia’s does not. This would include the big and tall shop. If you are a man who fits into this category you would not be able to shop at Lydia’s. The prices at Lydia’s are better. However, if I were to purchase scrubs today I would choose to purchase scrubs from Scrubs123. I think there are more selections to choose from at Scrubs123 and it seems like a better store all around.

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